About Me (Brendan Bailey)

I like creating stuff, coming up with ridiculous ideas, and making fun of everything. I enjoy games, movies, and art that are absurd/outrageous while having absolutely no shame whatsoever. On the flip side, I do enjoy serious forms of art as well. I can mimic 90% of the people I meet with unsettling accuracy and can make the sound of a bulb horn with my voice.

I was inspired to learn about art and sound because of pinball machines. At 14, I decided I wanted to design my own games and knew I needed wacky art and retro music to accompany the game play, so I started exploring the creative things that could be done with a computer. Fast forward 10 years and you’ll find me working full time at Generations Beyond as a creative director.  I design all sorts of graphics to make people look cool.

I am very much still a pinball enthusiast.  I buy them, fix them, sell them, play them and design them. It’s way more fun than trying to take myself seriously.

My other hobbies include collecting screen prints and writing music. I live on Long Island, where I have lived all my life.

Bite Size Facts (Warning: Choking Hazard)